Why Baptists Must Reset, Refocus, and Repent

Back in 1845 a group of Christ followers formed the Southern Baptist Convention. The reason they took the action was “for the purpose of eliciting, combining and directing the energies of the Baptist denomination of Christians for the propagation of the Gospel.”

Simply put, the reason the SBC was formed was for cooperation in getting the Gospel out! Evangelism and missions is what we are about.
Like local churches, we tend to drift away from evangelism toward many other good commitments and causes. However, our main cause is the Gospel.

I have concern for the denomination I love. We are not reaching , baptizing and making disciples as we should or at the rate we have in the past. We must reset, refocus and repent!

I call on every pastor, church leader and prayer warrior to work and cry out for a revival of the harvest in our denomination. I was told by one of my heroes years ago, “ Ted, you do not have to witness to everyone only to those the Holy Spirit tells you to. And if you do that he will keep you busy!”

Don’t get sidetracked on lesser things. Go and tell!

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