Eyes on the weather

Today all eyes are on New Orleans and the Gulf Coast as we mark the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. The rebuilding continues amid frustrations and victories. While many individuals are still struggling to get back on their feet, I am happy to report our New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary is up and running close to full force. The churches we assisted after the storm are moving forward with their ministries. Still there is much to do. Be praying today for our friends to the west as they continue with their restoration efforts.

Book Signing

Thank you for your response last Sunday to the booklet, A Compass a Map and a Passport. These will be an encouragement to people facing major life transitions or just dealing with the everyday decisions in life. I suggest that you purchase extras and use them as gifts for friends. I also want to say thanks to the ladies who helped me at the book tables on Sunday. Like so many of you at Olive, they are bondservants of the Lord.

Liz is still with her mother helping with the care of Mr. Baker. We are grateful for your prayers and your concern. We are hoping she can return to Pensacola by the end of this week.

Pastor Ted Traylor

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