September 28, 2012

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We are forty days away from the national election. Beginning this Sunday night at Olive we will get on our knees for the next six weeks and pray. We need to see people involved. We need to seek revival. America needs God’s man in the Oval Office. The Congress needs a great group of servants who will work together for the good of the nation. Join me each week at 6:00pm as we pray for America. Never have I seen so much fear in America. People are holding money if they have it. Hiring is still very slow. Company owners are scared of the unknown. Much of that has to do with health care legislation. As I talk with different people I am hearing this a lot. Some of the fear is unfounded. But most is from the cloud of the uncertainty. This kind of fear paralyzes society. Fear not!

September 26, 2012

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It is always good to participate in the Manna on the Mountain Conference. The Sand Mt Baptist Association in my home town area sponsors the conference. I get to visit with old friends and stay with my parents a couple of days. This year’s event has been very encouraging to me and many others. The 30 churches of the association and a few others come together for this. Cooperation is powerful! Getting churches to go forward together is a good thing. Unity is essential for the people of God.

September 21, 2012

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One of the most important and most powerful words in our language is cooperation. It plays a vital role in the affairs of our home, government, churches, business and neighborhoods.

America is at a crossroads today because men and women cannot work together for the good of our nation. We are polarized and divided. We will never move forward until we are again a UNITED States of America.

The church also needs this word. As Southern Baptists we chose to cooperate with others. Our mission giving plan is called the Cooperative Program. No one tells a church how much to give. We make the choice and cooperate with others.

But more than giving is needed. When our cities see us working in harmony it makes impact. When we ally ourselves with others in organized effort there is greater impact and power than going alone. It is team work! And it is powerful.

September 18, 2012

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I have been reading some writings of Napoleon Hill. He wrote and worked in the 1920’s. One day a man came to see him and asked if he knew of someone who could help him. The man was really down and out. Mr. Hill said,” I have a guy who can help you.” He then took him in a room and stood him in front of a mirror. “There he is!” was the admonition. You are the key. Turns out it was a revolutionary thought for the man. As I look in the reflecting glass, I realize I cannot but Jesus can. However, He has given me some commands to obey. And until you start, you will never change. YES, you can! What do you see in the mirror?

September 14, 2012

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On this Friday I have a heavy heart. I watch with many others the news feed from the Middle East. Riots and murder are being reported. The Arab Spring seems to be frozen in winter again. Political pundits try to explain and win points in an election year. It is disgusting. The situation longs for a leader. Here is my prayer today: Lord, move us quickly through the next fifty days. Get the elections over. Give a leader who will work with Congress. Give us a Congress that will work with the President. America needs UNITY on the national and international stage. Lord, cause Americans to repent of arrogance. Put me in that line on my knees. Lord, teach Americans the USA is more than liberty. It is also responsibility. Make us to be responsible people. Raise up a leader who will not just find fault but be a statesman.

September 11, 2012

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On Monday, September 10, Dr. Roy Fish was called home to heaven. He was the distinguished professor of Evangelism at Southwestern Seminary.

When Liz and I walked onto the Fort Worth campus in 1979, we were excited to be in a place that placed a priority on missions, evangelism and preaching. Liz was privileged to work as secretary for Dr. Fish for two years. We learned much in his office. I was able to drive him to a few preaching engagements. Those were great times of discipleship.

When I came to Olive twenty-two years ago, the search team spoke with Dr. Fish. He said, “Call Ted to get Liz!” He was one of my heroes. Dr. Paige Patterson said of Roy Fish, “He set on fire the hearts of thousands of students.” I was one of those.

Thank you, Roy Fish, for living and teaching the Gospel. When I told Liz of Dr. Fish’s death she had tears streaming down her face. Just like I do as I write this.

September 7, 2012

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We are 60 days until the national election. Social media is a big time tool in our day. However, it is also a tool the wicked one wants to use.

I am often amazed at what people will write. You have no idea who will read it. We must be responsible.

Just a few Friday thoughts:

THINK before you hit send.

Read the post a couple of times or more before you hit send. Then read it again.

Take time to be dead to self and alive to the Holy One before you speak out.

Writing and speaking are not the same. There is no voice inflection on this post or yours.

What you think is funny may not be to others.

Jesus followers are held to a higher standard.

September 4, 2012

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My Labor Day weekend trip to Dallas was a joy. I spent the weekend with good friends Ron and Liz Taylor. Saturday evening Robert Dunn and I attended the ALA-MICH game at Cowboys Stadium. What a place!

Then on Sunday I preached at Sabine Creek Fellowship for Pastor Eddie Walker. Look them up on line. The church is less than 2 years old. They had about 200 on Sunday. It is very casual, people friendly and Gospel centered. Eddie and his wife Sarah do a wonderful job leading and serving.

I am glad to be home for the week. This Sunday I begin a new sermon series entitled, “Lessons From King Solomon.” Read the first 11 chapters of 1 Kings to get prepared. These have been good days of study for me.