June 29, 2012

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Elections in America do make a difference. President Obama often says he inherited the worse economy since the Great Depression. President Bush gets the blame for this and more.

Now the Obama administration has something else to blame on Bush. The Health Care law was upheld by the Supreme Court by a 5-4 vote. And the swing vote was Justice Roberts. And who appointed him? That would be President Bush.

Here is the real power of the presidency. Appointments made to the Supreme Court outlive the President. We feel the influence for years to come. I am often asked whom I will vote for in November. Will it be the one who affirms same sex marriage or the one who denies the deity of Jesus?

My answer is simple in this case. Vote for the man whom you believe will make appointments that match your convictions to the bench. After the terms of Barak Obama and/or Mitt Romney some person they would appoint to the court will still be making judgments. We saw the influence of Reagan, Clinton and Bush I and II this week.

Choose wisely.

June 26, 2012

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Given a choice most people will choose bread and sausage above individual liberties. Or put another way, “It’s the economy, stupid.” Seems most people feel the first need of America is an economic fix. And without a doubt it’s a high priority. However, the rule of law must be given a priority as well. I am of the opinion the top crisis facing America in our legal system is the securing of the borders. With 12 million illegals in the country and not a plan in sight to deal with it we are facing a crucial problem. And that becomes economic is a hurry. The talking heads on TV want to make it about a voting a block or discrimination. This is a multi- sided problem. But the rule of law is at stake here. If America becomes a country with laws that are not enforced, we are on the way to anarchy. May God give us wisdom and courage. We will celebrate our nation’s freedom and independence with a patriotic service. Join us in red, white, and blue.

June 22, 2012

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Liz and I enjoyed being in New Orleans for the Southern Baptist Convention. Let me share a few thoughts and reflections. 1. The election of Fred Luter as the first African-American President of the SBC has been called historic. And it is. I ask that you pray for Fred as he leads/serves. The wicked one will have traps laid for him. These can be great days. Fred Luter is the real deal! 2. Some of the big news was the so called name change. But it really wasn’t. It was called a descriptor. The motion passed 53%-47% to authorize the use of Great Commission Baptists for SBC affiliated churches and entities. This comes into play with our church plant in NYC. SOUTHERN is often a hurdle when describing the church. I must confess I do not think Great Commission Baptists will help. What lost man knows what the Great Commission is? However, it may be a step forward for some. 3. Calvinism was a hot discussion. I have preached at Olive about this topic in days gone by and will do so again. It was amazing we were debating soteriology at the SBC. 4. The North American Mission Board’s presentation was impressive. The agency continues to grow and remake itself. President Kevin Ezell is leading and pointing this strategic arm of the SBC in the right direction. I have been attending the annual convention since 1972. Still glad to be a Southern Baptist. I mean Great Commission Baptist!

June 15, 2012

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Father’s Day is this weekend. Let me share some memorable words from my dad. “I will catch you”-when I was stuck as a small boy on the roof of grandmother Bowman’s well house. ”JUMP! I will protect you.”-when I was learning to swim. “Do what God says”-when I told him I was answering the call to preach. “You better not wait!”-when I told him I was going to marry Liz. “Always trust Jesus”-what he said to Brad and Rachel at their rehearsal dinner. Mr. Traylor was never a big talker but he said some things that really counted in my life. Thanks, Dad!

June 12, 2012

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We are almost half way through June. That means the Supreme Court will be handing down the health care bill decision in the next 18 days. This will be a big day for America. In brings to mind my response to the many who ask me how to vote in the coming presidential election. For me the big decision is which candidate will nominate people who are the most in line with my feelings regarding the future of America. Presidents do many things positive and negative in 4 or 8 years. But those they put forward to serve on the High Court leave their legacy in place for years to come. Be thoughtful.

June 8, 2012

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In the first 148 days of this year, 146 suicides were recorded among active duty American troops. As our young men ans woman return home some are deeply troubled. Help and hope is needed. At the Ministry Village at Olive our team is taking active steps to try and get ministry in place to serve those who serve us. I ask your prayers. One of the first things we are doing is informing and training pastors about the issue. I am personally inviting clergy to join us at Olive Baptist on Tuesday, August 21st in Passmore Hall. The seminar is from 9AM-2PM. Lunch is included in the registration fee. You will hear from Chaplains Endel Lee and David Gibson. Dr. Louis Valbracht, a psychiatrist, retired military veteran and believer, will also present. Help me get this word out.

June 6, 2012

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Men – join us at 6pm Sunday evening in the Worship Center.

Invite a friend or bring your son (middle school and older).

Hope to see you there!

June 1, 2012

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Hello June! Hurricane season is here. Make sure you have a plan. We never know which year a storm will hit. We need to prepare for certain storm building steam. We are five months from a national election. Local issues as well as the presidency will be on the ballot. I predict a nasty race like we have not seen before. Anger is evident on every side of America. If we are not wise the church will be placed in the middle of the debate. Attorney General Eric Holder has already been giving advice to predominately black congregations on how to be involved. Can you imagine the uproar if a DOJ leader addressed the Southern Baptist Convention on this issue? If you are not registered to vote get everything in order. Do your homework. Pray fervently. Campaign for your candidates. Cast your ballot. There is a storm coming and you get to name it!