June 22, 2012

2012 Southern Baptist Convention Thoughts

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Liz and I enjoyed being in New Orleans for the Southern Baptist Convention. Let me share a few thoughts and reflections.

1. The election of Fred Luter as the first African-American President of the SBC has been called historic. And it is. I ask that you pray for Fred as he leads/serves. The wicked one will have traps laid for him. These can be great days. Fred Luter is the real deal!

2. Some of the big news was the so called name change. But it really wasn’t. It was called a descriptor. The motion passed 53%-47% to authorize the use of Great Commission Baptists for SBC affiliated churches and entities. This comes into play with our church plant in NYC. SOUTHERN is often a hurdle when describing the church. I must confess I do not think Great Commission Baptists will help. What lost man knows what the Great Commission is? However, it may be a step forward for some.

3. Calvinism was a hot discussion. I have preached at Olive about this topic in days gone by and will do so again. It was amazing we were debating soteriology at the SBC.

4. The North American Mission Board’s presentation was impressive. The agency continues to grow and remake itself. President Kevin Ezell is leading and pointing this strategic arm of the SBC in the right direction.

I have been attending the annual convention since 1972. Still glad to be a Southern Baptist. I mean Great Commission Baptist!

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  1. Does the name change mean that we will no longer use the term Southern Baptist, or will Great Commission be an AKA?

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