June 26, 2012

#1 Crisis America Faces

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Given a choice most people will choose bread and sausage above individual liberties. Or put another way, “It’s the economy, stupid.”

Seems most people feel the first need of America is an economic fix. And without a doubt it’s a high priority. However, the rule of law must be given a priority as well.

I am of the opinion the top crisis facing America in our legal system is the securing of the borders. With 12 million illegals in the country and not a plan in sight to deal with it we are facing a crucial problem. And that becomes economic is a hurry.

The talking heads on TV want to make it about a voting a block or discrimination. This is a multi- sided problem. But the rule of law is at stake here. If America becomes a country with laws that are not enforced, we are on the way to anarchy. May God give us wisdom and courage.

We will celebrate our nation’s freedom and independence with a patriotic service. Join us in red, white, and blue.

1 Comment

  1. Our nation faces huge economic, fiscal, and immigration problems today. However, the most pressing issue is the continued moral degregation we face daily. I could easily go into great details about these moral issues, but I will not do so herein, because I am confident that each reader is fully aware of these issues.

    No matter which candidate wins the election this fall, neither Rommney nor Obama can fix our nation’s current and foreseeable challenges. Only the Lord’s intervention can save us from total implosion. Our problems are just too immense for mere humans to fix. We had better be praying to our Lord every day that He has mercy upon us, as a nation, and provides a third revival for the U.S.. If he does not, then we may cease to exist as the nation we used to be or even the one we are today.

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